It is the era of the new Jedi order.  10 years have passed since the death of Darth Sidious and the subsequent fall of the Empire, and most of the Galaxy now exists peacefully under the govern of the New Republic.
But that peace has now being interrupted.  For the past several years, a movement calling for rights for sentient droids has spread throughout the galaxy with a growing number of proponents on both sides of the debate.  The issue has recently come to a head, as violent acts committed by both sides have escalated exponentially within the last year.  One of the worst of these groups to emerge is the DLC, the Droid Liberation Coalition. Led by an enigmatic leader known only as “Command”, this extremist militant group of Droid’s rights activist, composed of various species and a large number of droids, have committed increasingly violent acts in the name of droid rights, including kidnappings, assassination, and several bombings, including the recent bombing of a major droid assembly factory that resulted in the deaths of over 50 workers.  They not only claimed credit for this act via the Holonet, but promised in the holovid more casualties to come, stating “the war for the rights of sentient droids has only just begun.”  “If we must use the bodies of those that would enslave our artificial allies as a foundation for these rights, so be it”.
Because of the increasing number of conflicts, and the fear they are instilling among the people, the New Republic has turned to the new Jedi Order to help them keep the peace and hopefully put a stop to the growing violence.

Under the guidance of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, the new Jedi order has been reborn.  No longer adhering rigidly to the old code, the new order and its tenants have changed.  More open and understanding than before, this new Jedi order has attracted a new generation of force sensitive individuals to come forward and join the order, and be trained in the ways of the force.  And it is these new recruits and newly graduated knights that are now being tasked by the new order to help quell the growing violence and unrest caused by the droid’s rights movement.  From overseeing political talks and negotiations, to acting as bodyguards and detectives, this new generation of Jedi have their work cut out for them.



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